Gabrielle Rogers is a Voice Coach based in Sydney, Australia.

I work with people to develop their speaking voice for different purposes. Primarily I work with actors but I enjoy working with anyone who wants to improve their voice. The actor’s voice needs to be resonant, clear and powerful. It needs to be connected to thought, language and meaning. A great actor is an actor who has a great voice; it is more important than their looks for a great performance for television, theatre or film. And of course there is a need for the actor to be fluent in accent and dialect creation in order to work internationally. These same skills apply to non-actors too: people who want to have a great voice, to like their voice, to neutralize a strong accent that they feel is holding them back, or people who want to sound the way they feel.

Gabrielle Rogers

After the first session with a great Voice Coach you will feel the difference in your voice. After a few sessions you will have learnt the exercises to ‘own’ your new voice. For actors, the same rules apply for learning a new accent or improving their voice to accommodate a new role.

Your voice is who you are: it is the connection between your inner world and the outer world. It is impossible to have the impact you want on your audience if your voice is not free, resonant, clear, powerful, honest, memorable. And your audience may be quite literally an audience or it could be your peers, your colleagues, prospective employers or even just yourself.

There are specific exercises that have been developed over the years for your voice to reach its true potential. These exercises are easy to do; but have to be learnt correctly with the assistance of individual diagnosis.

For those who have trained voices or who have worked with a Voice Coach before, regular drop-in classes or top-up sessions are useful to refresh your awareness and bring your voice up to date with who you are today. The voice changes throughout life, and like any form of exercise we need to accommodate to our current demands and ambitions. For the professional actor, voice work needs to be a part of your daily practice.

If you would like to arrange a session with Gabrielle, please make contact via email. Most sessions are face-to-face; but online sessions are available if needed.